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"I play the orchestra."


A startup is the largest endeavour over which you can have definite mastery. You can have agency not just over your own life, but over a small and important part of the world & it begins by rejecting the choices that this world has made for you. Here, you can build your Future. 

Here, I am inviting you to build for the Future.

-Speaking at a TEDx Event

September 2022

About Me

23 | Spent schooling years in a gurukul, best decision | Opened my first agency before college (2020), scaled it to one of India's leading names in the sports tech space with clients like SAI, IOA and Brands like Khelo India | Started B.Tech (CS) in VIT Vellore in 2020 | Joined the Entrepreneurship Cell at VIT in 2020 as a junior member among 200. Departed in 2023 as the Director, expanding it to 1000+ members | That was the most interesting part of college life, networking, building projects, building teams, basically Entrepreneurship | Developed four products in college; one showed promise, Opportunities Portal, now with over 20 members, headquartered in BLR, working remotely | Enrolled in Stoa School for deeper business insights | thriving on solid 'WHYs' | Driving change in the student entrepreneurial ecosystem in India by building the tools and frameworks that will supercharge and define the college experiences in future | Talk to me about Sanskrit, Vedas, Science, Entrepreneurship or Harry Potter and we'll be friends.

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I hunt for problems and build solutions focusing on youth, education and promoting the student entrepreneurial scene in India.

I'm working on these startups/ Projects-

Current / Ongoing


Webkites Websolutions

Sports tech focused Software Studio

Previous/ Might start again


Project Aadityam

An effort to make Sanskrit mainstream again



Meetings made easy effective and productive, Automated note taking and MOM generation mobile App. Killed by ChatGPT


The Opportunities Portal

A networking and discovery platform for colleges



A cohort where you can build your next big idea to reality; a launchpad

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To create something which can touch a billion lives, something bigger than myself and to associate with people who can dare to dream big.

If you think you're one, connect with me here.

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